Following the birth of your child, the second most important moment of your child’s life will be his/her Baptism. God who has already given the gift of life now offers a second gift: a share in his divine life. This is a great and everlasting gift and parents must be very well prepared for this gift and its responsibilities.

  In common with other parishes, we take very seriously this period of preparation, so the following guidelines are to help parents in this preparation.




First, let Father Peter know that you are requesting Baptism for your child. This must be in person when you attend one of our Sunday Masses

 - he’ll take details of your child's name, date of birth and your name and address.

There are three Masses for you to choose from each weekend. These are: at St John Fisher (Sat 6.00pm & Sun 9.30am)

and at St Mary’s (Sun 11.00am). Please note that Baptism requests are not accepted on the phone, so always come in person.




You will be best able to show the reality of the Roman Catholic faith you are to pass on to your child by attendance at parish Sunday mass.

Mass is at the very heart of our faith, which every single Catholic is called to celebrate every week in obedience to the command of Jesus himself:

“Do this in memory of me…” It is essential that parents are regular in their attendance in mass, at the very least in the period prior to Baptism.

Normally this extends over a period of at least 6 to 8 weeks. This period will be longer when neither parent is a Roman Catholic.

Father Peter will keep a weekly note of your attendance at Mass.




After a number of weeks at Sunday Mass, Father Peter will invite you to attend a Preparation Meeting for parents preparing for Baptism.

This involves a single session of about 60-75 minutes for parents, organised in groups of four or five sets of parents.

At this meeting, provided that practice at mass has been consistent, dates will be booked for the Baptism Day.

Baptisms will take place on most Sundays of the year, usually at 1.00pm, sometimes 2.00pm.



For parents who are already regular in practice at Sunday mass, the invitation to the Preparation Meeting and fixing a date will be as soon as possible.


We celebrate some 50 to 60 Baptisms each year, with individual ceremonies. Without exception, these are joyous occasions. A selection of commemorative photos are included below...