The safeguarding policies and procedures at work in our parish are those of the Diocese of Salford. These are themselves part of a wider set of procedures followed in all 22 Roman Catholic Dioceses of England and Wales. These give the highest importance to the welfare of children and vulnerable adults, and since the many reforms following the Nolan Report in 2001 are very robust.


We have two trained Safeguarding Officers in the parish: Mr Pat Healy and Mrs Ann-Marie Keighley.


All who work in the parish undergo an enhanced VBS Check, and then agree to follow the Code of Conduct for working with children and young people. This is summarized as follows:



Operate within the Church’s principles and guidance and any particular procedures of the diocese, parish or club.

  • Treat all children and young people equally and with respect.
  • Engage and interact appropriately with children and young people.
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour and provide an example for good conduct you wish others to follow – any environment which allows bullying, inappropriate shouting or any form of discrimination is unacceptable.
  • Respect a child or young person’s right to personal privacy.
  • Recognise that particular care is required in moments when you are discussing sensitive issues with children and young people e.g. maintain appropriate boundaries.
  • Avoid situations that compromise your relationship with children and young people, and are unacceptable within a relationship of trust. This rule should apply to all such behaviours including those which would constitute an illegal act.



Discuss topics or use vocabulary with children and young people which could not be used comfortably in the presence of parents or another adult.

  • Arrange an overnight trip with a child or young person without ensuring that another approved person will be present.
  • Take a chance when common sense suggests another more prudent approach.
  • Physically, emotionally or sexually abuse or exploit any child.


To contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer, Mrs Dawn Lundergan, please phone 0161-817 2206


To find out more about national policies and procedures, please visit the CSAS website.